Understanding the journey of your Soul begins here.

As multidimensional beings, we must have a multidimensional awareness of who we are. And by understanding who we are as a unique individual at that deep soul level, we are able to consciously participate in the co-creation of our own experience; we can heal, balance and redefine the life that we live in a way that will carry us toward our greater happiness and fulfillment. We can finally step into our true power and purpose as a divine child of the Universal Creator.




Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner & Certified Professional Life Coach


"A powerfully effective and transformational

short-term alternative to traditional long-term

counseling, coaching, and healing therapies."


"Thank you for yesterday's healing session! Today I have noticed I feel awake, clear, and my energy levels have improved. Also, since our first two sessions together, I have not had any headaches! I have seen many "healers" over the past five years and most of them have not helped at all. Thank you for being the one to find and remove the underlying causes to each of my concerns with such grace, ease and positivity. You are such a joy!"

- Karin

"I am a psychologist who has been in private practice for more than 30 years. When I heard about these Psychic Readings, I was curious, if not a little skeptical. However, having been in the mental health industry for a long time, I have come to believe there are many ways of diagnosing and healing psychological, spiritual, and physical dis-ease... When Jacquelyn began to tell me about myself on a Soul level, I was simply astounded by the degree of accuracy of her evaluation of my self and what "issues" I'd been experiencing. I have been a client and received psychotherapy on several occasions, but I have never gotten nearly as much useful information from my psychologist as I did from what I received in my reading with Jacquelyn. She addressed many things which are not normally discussed in a clinical psychologist's office, and offered me some sources of guidance for what I am going through. She did an extended "clearing of energy blockages" that I'd never heard of or experienced before. It was very relaxing and extremely healing for me. I slept better than night than i had in many months. She is a very talented and compassionate healer."

- Michael Murrell, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist in the State of Missouri

"As for the energy blockage at my solar plexus, I definitely resonate! Just like you said, I so often have a difficult time or feel guilty about asserting my willpower to accomplish the things that I want. I always feel like if I do anything on my own, I'm leaving others behind. I never understood why I had that feeling before, but it has been there for a long time. Now that I know why that feeling was there, and where it came from, I feel like it's something I can overcome."

- Deqa Elmi