• The Telestiq Journey we each walk, is our own. We are each on our own spiritual path that we walk every day, although most of us walk it halfway blind, without having much of an understanding of the true nature of who we are as multi-dimensional Soul. But the Soul's journey is inseparable from any aspect of our experience in this life. And because the Soul is already the Divine aspect of ourselves, we do not need to strive to live a more spiritual life; The Soul already exists in perfect Divinity, thus it is our task to know that Divine Nature more, so that we become capable of expressing that Divinity out into the world. Of course, this is where we all struggle; but we are never alone or without guidance. Even if, at first, we are afraid of taking a misstep, we each have our own internal compass that we can follow. It is by gaining a greater understanding of ourself at the Soul level, better understanding what fulfills our Soul, that we can fine-tune that compass and walk more confidently through life. We can lead a life of greater abundance in all areas, and experience our own independent Divine self-expression, eliminating the negative patterns of thought, emotion and action that we've all had some unpleasant experience with. Thus, it is my goal to provide the kind of healing and guidance to others that will help each person gain greater access to their own internal compass, and become more skillful at living the life that they desire, leading to their own greater personal empowerment,  happiness and fulfillment.

  • Through this site and sessions offered, I hope to offer a thorough understanding of the evolution of the Soul, its experience, how the Soul's experience is translated into 'real life', and how the Soul experiences itself through our physical incarnation.

  • It is my goal to offer a solid basis of knowledge on a broad scope of spiritual and metaphysical topics and essentials, so that every individual has access to this knowledge. I hope to reveal the most elevating path for each person, and help others understand who they are as a Divine Being at the Soul level, and how we can make choices that are positive to the Soul's experience, instead of creating Soul level trauma, which ultimately disconnects us from the Divine. 

  • I also strive to hold a sacred and non-judgmental space for clients where they can embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love, opening doors to new pathways so that each person can grow into their authentic Divine self. It is my goal to bring a sense of fresh recognition as to the inherent Divine nature present in each individual, facilitate healing from within, and assist others in knowing how to take action going forward, in order to reflect the greatness of who they are at the Soul-level, throughout every aspect of lifeI hold a safe and sacred space of non judgement for persons from any background, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. It is my belief that every person, whatever the path they have walked previously or are on right now, is a Divine Being worthy of love, gratitude, peace, good health, prosperity, success and whatever other healthy desire they hope to cultivate for themselves. It is my goal to help others connect with what abundance in life can be found when we are living our highest path and purpose. 

  • My Soul is a Keeper of Neutrality, thus I do not promote any specific religion or set of beliefs aside from a belief in Divine Love through Christ-Consciousness, and a belief in God the Divine Creator who is the Source of all Love, Light, Truth, Power, Wisdom, Abundance, Grace and Life. Each individual has a mind free to create their own beliefs as determined by their own internal source of wisdom. However, it is my goal to offer information and teachings that may provide an educated, logical and structured foundation upon which others can build their own set of beliefs. I say this because it is my belief that the truth of divine nature and spirituality transcends all religion or earthly practice; essentially, a Soul is still a Soul and operates like a Soul in the same way as any other Soul, no matter what religion or practice you try to fit it into. I hope that through individual sessions and free informational content, I can assist others to have safe spiritual practice, instill a sense of greater understanding and peace, ease suffering, and help to resolve long standing personal struggles.

  • I uphold a firm belief in the Divine power of each individual to co-create their own experiences in life. That is our Divine Power and Birth-Right as we practice exercising our own Free-Will to express our truest Divine nature, and to do as the Divine Universal Creator does - to joyfully create.  It is my goal to assist others in healing the Soul level blockages to better knowing and living their Divinity. It is only as we heal at the Soul level that we come into the full realization and ability to truly co-create with the universe as we were created to do.

  • It is my mission as a Soul guide to assist others in understanding and integrating their experience of ascension into greater harmony with their Divine Self as they begin the Soul healing process. These energetic shifts into an elevated state of Being and living our Divine Nature can be confusing and can become a struggle, especially if we don't understand it is part of a cleaning process that humanity has begun to undergo, in order to prepare for greater things to come. I hope that I can be a guide to others in this process, alleviating some of the hardship, helping to heal the wounds, and to expedite the process, so that you can more quickly transform through your journey of Soul development.

  • Of course, it is also my goal to provide the most accurate and constructive information to you at the time you need it most. No matter which reading you are receiving, you will receive a significant insight to assist you on your path.