Prepare Your Intentions

What is your intention for the session you are scheduling? What is it that you would like to learn or improve about yourself? What negative circumstances would you like to heal in your life? What situations in your life are you trying to resolve? What are you willing to commit to accomplishing within the next 3-6 (or 6-12) months during your coaching sessions?

It is good to consider how you would answer these questions before ordering or attending each session, in order to obtain the most useful insights and information available to you at this time. The intentions you set will be acted upon by your personal team of Spirit Guides, and you will receive more guidance on these things. As your channel for this information, I will also have more insights and guidance to offer during your session regarding these things, if your intention is more focused and clear. Without any clear intentions, information that you get from our session together will be more vague.

You may also want to have questions prepared for the session, which we may be able to address during our time together.

Come With An Open Heart And Mind

While receiving healing, it is important to have a heart and mind open to bringing self-improvements through positive personal development into your life. Know that love and healing, and all of the positive transformation that you desire, can occur for you, no matter how difficult your circumstances may be, or how disconnected you may feel from these things. That said, your belief is not the only factor at play here, and you do not need to consciously understand or believe in the processes for healing to take place. But it does help! You at least need to have the 'intention' of overcoming what you came to heal.


It is possible for you to reverse, delay or create new obstacles to some of your healing process by egoic resistance; primarily by not taking new action that supports the healing process that we discuss in your session. Simply be mindful and aware of these things, so that you are able to make positive change into permanent change. The healing process is still part of your free-will. Thus, we can all choose to recreate problems, or choose to no longer participate in them.

Expect The Ego To Resist

Whenever we upset the status quo, whatever normal patterns, behaviours, belief systems, or circumstances that we are currently living in, the Ego has a hard time letting us make too many changes as once; even if we know it is for the better. This is because it is the instinctual job of the Ego to keep us "safe" within the "known" reality that we are living in. We grow accustomed to the current state of Being, and the Ego finds a safe mode of existing within those parameters, by the known rules of our circumstances. Even if it is negative, the Ego will know the rules, consequences, comfortable patterns of existence of how we are doing things right now, and anything outside of that will be considered a "threat" to the Ego's familiar state of Being. 

As we progress through healing, transition into our highest path and purpose, or begin taking action to achieve our goals, the Ego will put up some resistance, so that we stay in the familiar space we have always been in. This is what makes "change" of any kind so difficult for most of us. And usually, right before our biggest break throughs, we will experience the greatest resistance from within ourself. We have reached that glass ceiling that the Ego put in place, and we are breaking through it, in order to reach a higher state of Being. 

Resistance can come in form of procrastination, self-doubt, distractions, bouts of depression, anxiety, fear, etc. These are all natural survival instincts of the Ego Self, that have been developed in order to keep us "safe". And the Ego can become very tricky in how it creates obstruction for us, as we begin to bypass the usual tactics. So be on the look out. ;)



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