This book of shadows is a magic journal in which to organize, explore and build upon your own personal spiritual, magical practice by utilizing the multiple styles of entry fields to store and categorize all of your favorite spells, rituals and additional notes. There are 222 pages specifically designed for magic entries and other notes pertaining to your practice, as well as a fully numbered table of contents to fill out with your own descriptions. Divided sections include formatted entry spaces for all of your moon rituals, candle magick, sigil magick, spirit summoning/ evocation, animal familiars, familiar spirits and more. With a background as a professional psychic, soul-healer, magic practitioner and exorcist, the author has also included her most crucial and fundamental magick tips and wisdom which can be integrated into any spiritual or magical routine in order to cultivate and maintain a healthy and safe practice.

A Customizable Book of Shadows for the Modern Magick Practitioner
Hard back and e-book for printable pages
Fill in the table of contents with your own spells and rituals
Write about your animal familiars
Create your own servitor spirits
Journal your experiences through astrological transits
Promptings help you track an entire year of new & full moon phase rituals
Entries for your own candle magick
Each section is separated with additional note pages
Three sections to write various types of spirit entity evocations
Cut and paste, or draw your own sigils within the circles provided
Additional longer ritual summonings provided extra room for notes for evocation
Extended ritual evocation continued
Herbal magick spells
Create your own sigil magick



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