Soul's Blueprint For Manifestation

Each Soul has a beautiful and individual design. Each Soul has played a part in deciding just how it will express its own creative potential in this life, which is its Manifestation Blueprint. This Blueprint determines how the Soul DOES everything through it's own individual process. Of course, there are many ways we may choose to express our talents and gifts in order to craft our reality, but since we live in a world that is inundated with advertising, social media, internet, family and friends who all have their own opinions on what we should do and how we should do it, it can be difficult to know exactly which action to take in order to create the most fulfilling and successful experience for ourselves. 


The importance of the Manifestation Blueprint is that it is individual to our own Soul, drawing a picture for us to detail what makes it happy and fulfilled. Since each Soul is different, there is no guideline outside of its own Blueprint to tell us how an individual Soul creates its own reality and expresses its talents most naturally and effectively. Following the Soul Blueprint then, allows us to do things in a manner that comes more easily to us since it is natural for the Soul, and in a manner that is more quick and effective since the Soul will naturally have the best results by following its own natural design. Alternatively, when we are not doing what we were designed to do, we are not effectively allowing the smooth flow of our own talent through us in order to create the best reality; rather, we begin to create blocks to our own process, which in turn creates lack, lack of fulfillment, dissatisfaction, lack of positive results, lack of success, etc, with whatever we do. So, in this session, we address how to align what we are doing with our Soul's Blueprint in order to achieve the best results from our effort!

Ongoing Psychic Coaching to Accomplish Your Goals

Receive personalized guidance based on your Soul's own mode of creation, in order to achieve your goals. No matter what those goals look like, or what area of life they fall in, we will work in an ongoing way to hone them, fine tune them, create a workable plan of action, and then set weekly/ bi-weekly goals in order to begin creating the desired results. But most importantly, we will be harmonizing every step of the way with the fulfillment of your Soul, in order to effectively achieve the most abundant and most satisfying results. 


These sessions are designed to assist you in reaching your goals by focused intention-setting, and then bringing to light your Soul's individualized process. We will also check for the alignment of your energetic vibration to what it is you desire. We will focus on shifting your physical vibration to match the energetic quality of that which you want to accomplish, so that through the law of attraction it will be able to come into your life. If we are not energetically congruent to what we want, we won't attract it! If we are energetically congruent, we would already have it!

Each session seeks to progressively bring you closer to your intended goal as you work on completing the step-by-step tasks that you decide on, between each session. Prior to each session, you will receive a questionnaire to track your progress toward your goal, share your experience, difficulties, victories, and set intentions for the following meeting. During the meeting then, we will take new guidance from your Blueprint in order to further your progress.

It is important to note that whether or not you accomplish your goals is up to you. Your Soul's Blueprint can only offer guidelines to follow; it cannot tell you what to do or make any decision for you on how to manifest what you want in your own life. So, it is important that you remain proactive and dedicated to the intended goal, in order to see best results from these sessions. It is perfectly alright if you run into a delay due to extenuating circumstances; we can always pick up where we left off, whenever you are ready. 

This package of sessions will include twelve 15-30 minute sessions, scheduled either weekly or bi-weekly, at a date/ time of your choosing, and will take place over a period of 3 to 6 months, depending on the size or number of your goals. Typically there will be no more than 2 at a time in progress, considering that can already be a lot to work on.


(NOTE: Ongoing coaching requires a Beginning Self-Discovery/ Energy Clearing & Realignment prior to the first session, as well as a Manifestation Blueprint Reading, as it is essential to have any other current energetic blockages removed, and your Soul aligned toward it's highest possible path and purpose before going forward. This will aid in creating the most positive and abundant experience for your life, and taking away the best results from our sessions. If major energetic blockages are not cleared before scheduling your coaching session, it will be difficult to connect with your powerful potential to create the results that you desire. Also, being familiar with your Soul's Blueprint for Manifestation is essential to understanding your own creative process, so that we can begin to apply that as we go along.)



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