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Soul Blueprint for Manifestation

Each Soul has a beautiful and individual design. Each Soul has played a part in deciding just how it will express its own creative potential in this life, which is its Manifestation Blueprint. This Blueprint determines how the Soul DOES everything through it's own individual process. Of course, there are many ways we may choose to express our talents and gifts in order to craft our reality, but since we live in a world that is inundated with advertising, social media, internet, family and friends who all have their own opinions on what we should do and how we should do it, it can be difficult to know exactly which action to take in order to create the most fulfilling and successful experience for ourselves. 


The importance of the Manifestation Blueprint is that it is individual to our own Soul, drawing a picture for us to detail what makes it happy and fulfilled. Since each Soul is different, there is no guideline outside of its own Blueprint to tell us how an individual Soul creates its own reality and expresses its talents most naturally and effectively. Following the Soul Blueprint then, allows us to do things in a manner that comes more easily to us since it is natural for the Soul, and in a manner that is more quick, easy and effective since the Soul will naturally have the best results by following its own natural design. Alternatively, when we are not doing what we were designed to do, we are not effectively allowing the smooth flow of our own talent through us in order to create the best reality; rather, we begin to create blocks to our own process, which in turn creates lack, lack of fulfillment, dissatisfaction, lack of positive results, lack of success, etc, with whatever we do. So, in this session, we address how to align what we are doing with our Soul's Blueprint in order to achieve the best results from our effort!

(If you have not yet received a healing session from me before, this session will include a brief energy clearing in order to remove current obstacles to aligning to your manifestation blueprint.)

by participating in this session you will be granted exclusive access to highly transformational follow up session content only available to those willing to commit to significant, real-life changes that will positively and drastically change your life circumstances as you actively practice living your soul blueprint of manifestation.


Here you will find Soul Blueprint readings for those who are committed to achieving the kind of success they desire for their own lives. Whether you already know what your goals are and just need a helping hand to fulfill them, or whether you are needing help deciding what those goals look like for you, each session is personalized to offer assistance where you need it the most. 

So, let me start with a bit of a disclaimer, because I know there is a lot of negative thought around personal desire and financial goals in society. No matter what your dreams may look like, or what form they take, if it is significant enough to the Soul for you to be here now, reading this, then it is likely significant for a reason.  And just because your goals don't look like someone else's, doesn't mean they are less worthy of pursuing.  No one needs to apologize, feel bad for, or justify a desire that they have for themselves. If we have a strong desire for something, then plain and simple, the Soul wants that experience. There is no better justification or greater worthiness necessary. Life is only about fulfilling the Soul in its development and evolution -and remember, living this life on Earth, where we can have desires and passions, is the only place that the Soul can fulfill its evolution, by creating your physical experiences! It's OK to have personal goals and desires.

Another misconception about fulfilling our goals has to do with the "law of attraction". It is something everyone has heard of, but few understand well enough to know how to put to practice. The misunderstanding comes from the fact that most of us start and stop with our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. We try to shift those things to align with believing and feeling that we can have what we are trying to accomplish, but then we don't finish the process. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs,.. these things only exist within the 4th dimension. They are rapidly changeable and have no consequence or meaning unless we bring them into the lower dimensions.

Even when we focus on spiritual or religious beliefs, they mean nothing if we do not make them into a lifestyle, which is dictated by our actions/ physical practice.  We can only ground our thoughts and emotions into our physical reality through our physical habits; the small actions that we do every day. But this is where most people stop in their creation process. It is absolutely necessary for the accomplishment of any goal, to bring all of those positive affirmations into the motivation to DO something physical, which grounds the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension of our reality.  Once we have begun taking physical actions that uphold the energetic quality of our desired outcome, we begin shifting our actual physical vibration into alignment with what we want.

The trick is, that sometimes it's difficult to know what action to take, or whether we are heading in the right direction. Maybe we've tried a few things and haven't gotten very far? Well, that is where the Manifestation Blueprint and Goal Coaching sessions come in very handy. We can not only refine your specific desires into goals, but see where there is any energetic misalignment or blockage to your goals, and then find out what actions will have the greatest effect in accomplishing that ever-coveted end result!  See the below session descriptions for more details!

Most people are probably at least a little familiar with some kind of step-by-step program that is supposed to help you get to where you think you want to go in life, or achieve some mega success. Sometimes, this can be as simple as saying positive affirmations first thing in the morning, thinking positively, or creating vision boards with picture cut-outs of what we hope for.  And maybe we've tried a lot of these things already, but still haven't progressed, or felt the fulfillment of that achievement. The thing is, that each Soul is different. We were created to create differently, individually, in our own special way, but most programs are designed like a giant cookie cutter, trying to squeeze your Soul's creative process into that shape. No wonder we have a hard time trying to reach our own personal success? 

We've been told over and over that we have to follow a program, or a very specific, rarely enjoyable, 500 step process in order to make our dreams come true.  And certainly, if we aren't feeling the hardship, we aren't doing it right, because everyone who's everyone knows that all success takes REALLY hard work?  Well,.. that's what society likes to teach, because most of society is not in touch with the creative process of their Soul -which is why there are very few "at the top", and the majority struggles "at the bottom". It is a Soul level disconnect that clearly depicts how out of touch most of society is with their own Divinity, and their Soul process. And that lack of knowing translates into hardship, stagnation, frustration, dissatisfaction, boredom, lack of enjoyment, lack of abundance, lack of fulfillment, and stress!


When given the chance, the Soul readily creates its own abundance by transforming energy from the Divine into its physical reality. If we would simply do what our Soul does naturally, fulfillment, flow, ease and happiness becomes the only natural result, because we are then allowing the Soul to express its Divine gifts. But to do that, there is no program or diagram to base our decisions and creative process on. That is because the only blueprint to success that we have, exists within our own Soul; and there is no other blueprint exactly like it. Luckily, in these sessions we can decipher exactly what your personal blueprint says, and clarify your own creative process, so that you can accomplish your goals more quickly, effectively, happily, and without hitting as many bumps in the road along the way.


The goal then, is to "know thyself" more. Understand your own desires, self-expression, creative process, etc, and start to make your decisions and basing your actions off of what is 'right' for you.



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