Specific Health Issue Analysis & Akashic Soul Healing

In this reading, we will uncover the energetic causes to challenging and even recurring health issues that are the focus of your concern. We will discuss the negative energetic obstacles that have been present, and exactly how to go about correcting them. We will engage in energetic clearing and healing work on multiple dimensional levels of your energy bodies to begin the transformational process of returning to a state of ideal health. A complete transition into the healthiest You, inside and out, is likely to require participation on the client's part in order to do as much correction as possible -but each case is different, and each session will be tailored specifically to You. Soul level healing or energetic healing can be similar to physical therapy in that it may require a gradual and multilayered process of improvement. The soul may take on a portion of the healing process at a time, because that's all it is willing to do without going into a healing crisis. And if the case is very severe, sometimes due to prolonged neglect of a situations, there may be no way to complete heal the body to 100% in this lifetime. But that doesn't mean we can't improve the condition, in order to make it manageable. If necessary, during your session, we can look into future probabilities of just how much improvement we can anticipate in your overall physical condition (in relation to your particular health concern).

(NOTE: This energetic healing session is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by your regular physician. It is my belief that energetic healing and realignment is complementary to other healing methods and treatments since energy is the source for all things positive or negative, thus a change in energy can begin to create change within our physical, mental or spiritual states of being. And although correcting certain energetic misalignments can rapidly change our state of being, any form of energy healing technique is also not necessarily a quick-fix-it-all, as healing is a process that can take time and even multiple treatments, or (depending on the cause) potentially major life changes to return to a state of ideal health.

Complete Chakra Analysis & Tune-Up

This session includes a full analysis of each of the major Chakras. We will discuss any under-activity or over-activity of the Chakras, and how this is being seen in your personal experiences and affecting you at the physical, emotional or mental level. We will bring the Chakras back into energetic balance and alignment of course, and briefly discuss how to maintain their energetic balance going forward.  


Imbalances can potentially resume quickly, due to a variety of internal and external or environmental causes which we aren't always able to completely control; and since these imbalances will eventually bleed negatively into various aspects of our life, follow-up Chakra Checkups or Reiki sessions are available as needed. It is important to remember that bringing the Chakras into balance again allows a temporary window of opportunity for positive changes in life to be made, which will effectively assist in maintaining the health of your energy bodies on a more permanent basis; however, through that process of self-healing, these brief sessions can offer a boost of empowerment, or serve to re-evaluate the progress that has been made in case additional insight or guidance is necessary.

(Please feel free to inquire about purchasing a specifically tailored set of package Chakra or Reiki sessions, if interested in routine Chakra /Energy Healing care.)

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a great way to assist with the process of healing health matters, relationships, lack of self-love and acceptance, depression, stress, anxiety, physical pain and injury, etc. It can be used on both humans and animals safely and effectively, and can be performed for past, future or present time, since the energies of Divine Universal Love exist outside of the bounds of linear time and space.


This is a Single (Remote) Reiki energy healing session that will focus on locating negative energies stored within the body and Chakras, drawing this negative energy out, and restoring a healthy energy flow, filling those spaces with Divine universal Love and healing. Divine, healing Light and Love from the Divine universal Creator will be channeled through the energetic and physical bodies in order to assist in the process of healing and returning to a state of peace and tranquility. This will also open up a window of opportunity for the client to make any positive changes in their life, as the session will bring an influx of Divine energies that are specifically empowering. During the session, we will also focus on cleansing and healing the aura and install additional, temporary energetic/ psychic protection about the Auric field.

(NOTE: Reiki is not a substitute for diagnosis and treatment by your regular physician. It is my belief that Reiki is complementary to other healing methods and treatments since energy is a root source for all things positive or negative, thus a change in energy can begin to create change within our physical, mental or spiritual state. Although Reiki may provide a restored sense of calm and well-being during and after the session, Reiki is not a quick-fix-it-all, as healing and energetic realignment to higher vibration is a process that can take time and multiple treatments to return to a state of ideal health.)



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