Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner & Certified Professional Life Coach

Motivated by major life transformations that began in 2015, Jacquelyn began studying intermediate-advanced astrology as a first step on her journey toward working as a Healer and Energy Worker or Light Worker. Although she has always been intuitively and consciously tuned into the natural flow of energies and planetary bodies for most of her life, she had yet to figure out what to do with those talents until later in life, when circumstances led her to focus on transforming her own personal identity through her own healing and self-discovery journey. With a lifetime of intuitive "knowing" or "feeling", Jacquelyn understood that the energies of universe around us could become a malleable tool in our hands for the creation of our own reality if only we could learn how to use it. So, that became her goal -to discover how she could use Energy to heal and master herself and create her own outcomes in reality, and then be able to show others how to do the same thing for themselves.  Astrology then, became her first in-depth peek into the inner workings of the universe.


Jacquelyn has primarily involved herself in webinars from modern astrologers Michael Nnebe, Lada Duncheva, & Nikola Stojanovic, and Ancient Babylonian & Sumerian astrologer Rumen Kolev, in order to gain an understanding of the archetypal energies which play out as the circumstances and events in our lives as represented by the planetary bodies and their vibrational frequencies through the torsion field.  After realizing the truly powerful life-enhancing potential of the Science and Art of astrology, Jacquelyn received a personal astrology reading of her own Natal Chart, and was specifically prompted to look into the practice of any energy healing modalities due to the therapeutic way her Soul channels energies and relates to others on a deep and psychological level.  With that in mind, she decided to expand her study and practice to that of intuitive Reiki, learning to psychically tap into the 4th dimensional energy bodies and chakras of a person, in order to discover which areas of the physical or energetic bodies were in need of therapeutic assistance for healing. This however, did not fulfill her desire to completely understand the inner workings of the Soul, the moving parts and mechanisms of how we channel, move and respond to energies at a deeper level; So Jacquelyn continued looking for teachers that might be able to answer those pressing questions. 


Since 2017, Jacquelyn has studied under the professional psychic, energy reader and healer Andrea Hess, in order to further explore energy work and healing.  This particular modality of practice, as designed by Andrea Hess, is referred to as Soul Realignment®. It is a modern modality of spiritual work that effectively integrates the intuition with a highly specialized and structured approach to psychic energy reading and energy healing through the 5th dimensional Akashic Records of the Soul. It allows the practitioner to access the Soul's energetic records in order to 'read' the Soul-level situations which are at the root cause of negative and recurring life circumstances that need to be healed in order to change what is happening in the person's physical reality of life. The Soul's energetic record can then be healed of negative situations through a therapeutic session, and the transition into more happy, healthy and fulfilled life can occur.

Jacquelyn is now a certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner in Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Manifestation Blueprint, Financial Abundance, Future Reading, Vital Force Energy and Business Energetics coursework of the Soul Realignment® program. In addition, Jacquelyn has received a Life Coaching certification from Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching. It is an ongoing journey as she continues to master these skills and expand on them so that she can offer the best guidance possible to those who seek assistance on their journey through life. Jacquelyn constantly strives to be able to touch the lives of others in a positive way, on a deep Soul level, assisting others with understanding who they are on a Soul level, and then realigning to their highest path & purpose, thus reclaiming their own personal power as a Divine Being. It is her desire that everyone should have personalized guidance and access to becoming the greatest expression of themselves, and to live the most fulfilling and healthy life possible -in all areas of life. 

Before fully stepping into her role as an Energy Healer/ Soul Surgeon, Jacquelyn studied International Studies, with a focus on Asia, and is an alumni of Texas State University and Meiji Gakuin Daigaku University of Tokyo. She has a minor in Japanese, but also studied Spanish and Latin for several years. Current endeavors also include the learning of Korean language. Her passion for this particular field is driven by a love of languages, world history, and the ability to bring people together of various cultures and backgrounds, in order to gain a deeper understanding of one another by interactions within international communities. It is Jacquelyn's belief that, similar to the teachings of Psychiatrist Carl Jung, all people seek the same things through their experience in life, which are not surprisingly, fulfilled by the cultures, habits, experiences, etc, built around them in very unique ways. So although at surface level people and places around the world will look very different, the core of each person, each culture, seeks to fulfill the same deeply seated Soul-level needs. The reality is that each of us desires the same peace, fulfillment, and happiness. By extending ourselves to have greater understanding of the cultural context, personal background experiences, etc of others, we can learn to integrate a greater level of compassion for one another, no matter who we are or where we are from. It is Jacquelyn's journey to become that bridge between seemingly different worlds, in order to facilitate greater love, compassion and friendship in the world.


Jacquelyn has previously been active on the board of volunteers for the Austin-Ooita Sister Cities Association, and assisted in the Trap-Neuter-Return program for cats in the Austin area; she currently cares for three rescue kitties of her own (and a fourth, re-homed kitty).  Amoungst other projects, Jacquelyn is an aspiring author, and is working on re-gearing her YouTube channel and blog to include informational videos that focus on spiritual and Soul-related topics. Please subscribe by visiting the spiritual bloggeries page or to the Telestiq Journey YouTube channel, if you would like to receive updates whenever new topics are added!



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