Relationship readings provide analysis of specific relationship related situations and dynamics, shared past lives, and any ongoing negative Soul level problems that may arise, offering healing and guidance through these. These readings can also be for those seeking to find expressions of love and loving relationships, but are feeling disconnected from love, thus having difficulty attracting the type of relationships that are ideal to them.


FOR RELATIONSHIPS OF ALL KINDS - Relationships come in all types, and we spend a great deal of our lives maintaining them. We interact with many people in our daily lives on various levels of intimacy, and often it is within relationships with people we care about the most, that the deepest and most heart-felt issues arise. There are often Soul-level dynamics at play which are influencing what we see happening on the surface; meaning there is a logical underlying core to the situation that we have not yet discovered, in order to resolve things on our own. Whether you are experiencing a troublesome situation with a spouse, lover, sibling, child, parent, business partner, etc, the sessions included on this page will be able to assist you in understanding these dynamics, healing any underlying causes that present themselves currently, and offer guidance for moving forward.

CAN'T SEEM TO ATTRACT LOVE?/ SINGLE? - As mentioned above, specific sessions are also designed for those who feel at a disconnect from Love in their life; whether that be from feeling love, expressing love, being loved, attracting love, etc. It is very likely that some Soul situation is playing a part in this inability to connect with the energetic vibration of Love. And of course, even if we want it, if there is some misalignment with that energetic vibration, we can't attract it very well! So, in these sessions we will evaluate any root causes for this, and participate in a very special prayer ritual in order to begin immediately making available the energy of what you desire: LOVE.


Healing Relationships

(with Partner or Family)

Uncover the root cause(s) to any challenging relationship dynamics and situations. This includes relationships/ partnerships between family, friends, coworkers, lovers, spouses, etc. We will discuss any negative energetic blocks and restrictions to the relationship that are present, and then clear them from the soul's Akashic record. During the session, we will also discuss any shared past lives between the two people, specific life lessons/ themes which are playing into the relationship, and find out about any soul level contracts, Karma or other energetic connections that may be shared between the two. Other things that may be brought up in your session are your love languages, relationship triggers to be mindful of, and the needs of each person at a Soul level in relationships.


By exploring these soul level facets of the relationship, we can then harbor a greater understanding of one another and why particular dynamics are presenting themselves, as well as to discuss ways you may be able to improve the relationship. The goal of this reading is also to increase the level of compassion for the other person, as we increase our understanding of the other person at a soul level.

Finding Blocks to Love & Reconnecting/ Attracting Love

This session will uncover the Soul level situations/ energetic root causes that are creating blockages to expressing or attracting love in your life, so that we can clear them and heal them; whether that be through feeling loved, attracting loving relationships or the ideal partner, expressing love, etc. We will also discuss possible ways to move forward so that obstacles to love are not reintroduced energetically; we will focus on what we need to do to transition out of the negative circumstances to begin inviting Love and becoming the vibration that we want to attract.


Even if we want something badly, if there is some misalignment between ourselves and the energetic vibration of what we want, we won't have an easy time attracting it. Since that is the case, this session will also offer a very special prayer and energy transfer in order to make the energetic vibration of Love immediately available to you, so that it can begin entering into your life in more abundant ways.

We may also take time to discuss your personal love languages, the type of partner you may want to consider, based on your personal Soul level needs in a relationship, etc.