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Five Quick (and Important) Tips for Psychics

Here are a hand full of tips (very important ones) that I've gathered over the years, and thought you all would find useful. "You all" being anyone who also integrates some kind of spiritual, metaphysical, psychic practice into their day to day life -or maybe those who simply dabble. For those who are only curiosity seekers, wondering about the dangers of spiritual practice, these tips may also prove intriguing, as they are also a little bit of a caution, so that we can all do what we do safely.

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1.) Use #Integrity.

Any kind of energy work can prove potentially dangerous, even if you are only "healing", and haven't had the experience to figure the dangers out quite yet. Just like when working with live electricity, energy work can and will destroy you if you don't follow certain protocol. And just like with electricity, as psychics, healers, light workers, energy workers, witches, warlocks, magi, etc, we are frequently channeling live energy from various sources. That energy is real, it requires the utmost respect when being handled. (You'll have to look forward to my planned future post on Channeling, to read more into precautions and what to expect when Channeling energies, and how it can make or break you.)

For one, lacking integrity by having any negative intentions toward another person while doing energy work can create a whole slew of Soul level problems (for you). This is one reason doing any kind of spiritual work, such as in ancient Priesthoods, Shamanism, etc, there are always levels of purification and initiation through long term mentorships and training. Purification of our intention so that we are of the highest integrity is essential to doing any kind of spiritual work. Initiates are preparing themselves to receive various levels of energy flow/ channeling, and must go through a process of transmuting their own energies in order to be able to accept even higher vibrational energies. This is deep and sometimes difficult Soul work, which is why it requires systematic, dedicated effort through consistent lifestyle changes. (i.e. repentance) It is not something to take lightly when we are messing with the Soul.

Just because it's "spiritual" and potentially light-worky stuff, I won't sugar coat it; there can be extremely damaging and permanent consequences when we dabble in these things and don’t know what we are are doing, or what to expect, or have no real source of guidance. (More on this in future posts.) But heck, even in normal day to day life we mess up and shit gets crazy. Our marriages, our kids, our jobs.. If we can’t even keep our mundane life in order, how can we hope to control something that we know so little about, that is outside of our range of expertise? Even electricians can get burned.

That said, most of the time there’s not really a need to interfere too much with things at the Soul level. The Higher Self manages our experience (and multiple parallel reality experiences simultaneously) quite well. We don’t have to try to micromanage what the Soul is doing. We already have a fantastic team of guides, angels and master guides and teachers in place to actively assist us -which they are doing already, on the other side of the veil. Although, don't forget to ask for their kind interference on your behalf if you'd like additional help with something. "Be constantly in prayer" so says the scriptures.. and so we should be. They cannot interfere with our own Free-Will, so it's important to make sure they know when we would like an extra boost! They're there so that we can ask, and WE direct the whole team!

Integrity continued...

Secondly, Integrity should also be used when deciding how we utilize our psychic abilities to influence the lives of those around us. Casting love spells or anything else that would deign to bend the will of another person to "do what you want" them to do, is a huge no-no. Not only does this attempt to put you in control of the other person's life, but magic of this kind can also become a very negative Soul level mechanism of attachment. This means that if one of you dies and doesn't release that energetic string between you, one of you may become an entity attachment for the other person. The Soul may not be able to move on from that attachment, and just hang around like an earthbound spirit. But this again interferes with the Soul's Free-Will and ability to move into another incarnation, to have their own experience. It also becomes a source of disconnect from Divine Life Force, which makes the Soul entity now have to become a parasite, sucking the life force energy out of the living person, so that the Soul can sustain itself in the in-between state. This can continue through multiple lifetimes, and end up as a case of entity possession, as during sleep states or other altered/ inebriated states, the Soul entities may switch in and out of the same physical body, leaving one of them misplaced for a time.

That said, there is a lot of psychic work that can go on at the 5th dimensional level, and it is within 5th dimensional awareness and consciousness that we begin to explore how our own choices and actions affect the world around us -we are no longer reacting to the worlds events, but becoming the co-creator, and learning how we influence others. And with that awareness, 5th dimensional work requires that we understand and respect that all Soul entities have Free-Agency. And Free-Will to choose our own experiences for ourselves is an inherent Divine right that we were created with. Any interference with another person's Free-Will is an act against Divine Universal Law, which demands karmic consequences.

For those of you who are familiar with Biblical scriptures, this is one thing that the Bible warns of when commanding that a person should not dabble in magic -it can lead to egoic control freaks mind controlling whole towns. Because apparently that happened. (I don't know, I think I still would love to see Hollywood whip out some crazy super hero action film portraying some of these insane Biblical stories about magic users and necromancers.)

2.) Don’t be intrusive. #Respect

I understand that there is a LOT of "public" psychic information available out there to be tapped into. Anything located at the 4th dimensional level of the chakras, mental or emotional bodies, the aura, etc, is public to anyone with the senses to feel into it. But that doesn't mean that we need to be readily intruding into another person's private life. There is no need to be so open that we're reading everything about everyone around us just because we can. And it's certainly a more refined practice to know how to turn our sixth sense on and off when we need to. We can adjust our senses to pull the information that we need to when we need to, and that's it.

Think about it this way, just because I overhear a stranger talking about the paranormal with their family over dinner at a restaurant, doesn't mean that I invite myself to their table and join the conversation. Even in psychic work, it's polite to ask permission from others if you’re going to talk about what you see. You could also ask if they'd mind a piece of advice, or simply wait until they ask for your help. Very few people are looking for unsolicited ‘help’ or advice. It’s out of place and intrusive. Perhaps we could call it rude, energetic spying, manipulative, unethical. So, please use good common sense before interjecting what you psychically see, or tap someone else's field of energy. Like at any other job that we might have, it's good to practice Respect and Integrity.

3.) Know who/ what you're communicating with or channeling, and where your source of information is coming from. #DontLetThemPlayYou

Before opening any portals, channeling any information, connecting with any entities, etc, set the firm intention of where you want to get that stream of information from. Without doing this, we leave ourselves open to any information, coming from anywhere -and that includes negative entities who would rather create problems, than help resolve them.

So, here are some additional pointers...

If it’s not from the highest source, it’s not trustworthy.

If it’s being demanding of you, it's negative.

If it's attempting to control your free will in any way, it’s negative.

If it’s interfering with the free will of others through you, it’s negative.

If it's changing its identity to become who/what you want, it's negative.

If it has inconsistent answers or answers that don't make sense, it's negative.

If it’s trying to physically speak through you or inhabit your body, it’s unnecessary and probably negative.

4.) If you open portals, close portals. #PortalFail (Don't worry, I've done this, too!)

Well, I think that is pretty self explanatory, but maybe not? I'm always reminded of this well-forgotten aspect of psychic work when I visit renaissance fairs. Some fairs have a Ouija board hanging out for general fun and fantasy. For weeks, hundreds of people gather and try their hand at divination by Ouija, ensuring that there's an open portal present for entities to traverse through. At the end of the day, does anyone go back to close it? Well.. I can't say that I've seen what happens to said Ouija board at the end of all the festivities, but I bet there are more entities enjoying the fair than incarnated humans. Haha! Do the fairgrounds get spooky at night?

If you're doing any kind of energy work, calling on the four towers and elements, ritualizing your Kabbalah practice with some live arch angel action, opening magic ritual circle for your wiccan ceremony, using a Ouija board, or anything else, you're opening portals into other astral realms. Through these portalways all types of entities may take the liberty of passing through; and when you are done with your work but forget to close that portal, you now have an open spirit-filled freeway in the middle of your home. That's not to say all of those entities will be trouble makers or want to stay with you, but just their passing through in great numbers can become a disturbance.

5.) Don’t be a side show. #PseudoSeriously

Value yourself and your skills. This allows others to take you seriously. There is a science and methodology to this work, even if most of humanity still considers all things metaphysical or paranormal as "pseudo scientific". You and I are spearheading research and exploration for what is still a frontier of the "unknown". But the Divine Creator is orderly and logical. Any real scientist can tell you that. Just look at any pattern in nature, divine geometry, the exacting chemistry within the human body to keep us living, etc. Yet, even with that understanding, most psychics, energy workers of any kind, are made to feel as though we are working with something that is opposite of all of that; even though we are working directly within the field of the Divine.

Of course, up until recently, there have not been a lot of resources out there that teach us how to hone our individual psychic abilities. There is also a lot of partial and misguided information, and few formal schools that teach this work, so it can be difficult to create a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding that can really help to build on the practice, making it more safe, and more effective. Likewise, since it is not a widely studied nor regulated field, so there are a lot of shams out there, and therefore a lot of skeptics. But, as we focus on sharpening our skills and learning the true value of the psychic abilities that we do have, we can communicate this to others, instilling a new sense of respect for the work that we do. But it all starts within us, and our own attitudes. If we don't treat our psychic work with due respect and seriousness, then how can we ask it of others?

Unofficial number 6... Don't doubt yourself. #TrustYourself

Okay, so I'm adding one more, although it's not an official 6th Tip. But I think it's still good to hear, so I'm sharing it as a little piece of encouragement to all the working and non-working psychics out there.

Don't doubt yourself so much when doing psychic work/ energy work, but use common sense. You're already likely very intuitive and energy sensitive, so follow your gut instinct on whatever you're feeling. The difficult thing about psychic work can be that there's either delayed feedback, or NO feedback, because either the client is not communicative, or it maybe weeks, months, years before we ever see or talk to a client again. This naturally leaves room for doubt when it comes to our abilities, because we are used to doing things in life that create more noticeable results relatively soon. And in psychic work, we don't always have much to go off of. And without feedback, how do we know if the channeled information we give to someone is useful or constructive? Of course in some instances, feedback is much more immediate and we get to see those results, but.. you get the picture.

(This makes me think a great topic for a future blog post would be something about "How to tell if your psychic work is working: Seeing the signs!" What do you think?)

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