Soul Blueprint for Manifestation

Soul Blueprint for Manifestation


Each Soul has a beautiful and individual design. Each Soul has played a part in deciding just how it will express its own creative potential in this life, which is its Manifestation Blueprint. This Blueprint determines how the Soul DOES everything through it's own individual process. Of course, there are many ways we may choose to express our talents and gifts in order to craft our reality, but since we live in a world that is inundated with advertising, social media, internet, family and friends who all have their own opinions on what we should do and how we should do it, it can be difficult to know exactly which action to take in order to create the most fulfilling and successful experience for ourselves. 


The importance of the Manifestation Blueprint is that it is individual to our own Soul, drawing a picture for us to detail what makes it happy and fulfilled. Since each Soul is different, there is no guideline outside of its own Blueprint to tell us how an individual Soul creates its own reality and expresses its talents most naturally and effectively. Following the Soul Blueprint then, allows us to do things in a manner that comes more easily to us since it is natural for the Soul, and in a manner that is more quick and effective since the Soul will naturally have the best results by following its own natural design. Alternatively, when we are not doing what we were designed to do, we are not effectively allowing the smooth flow of our own talent through us in order to create the best reality; rather, we begin tocreate blocks to our own process, which in turn creates lack, lack of fulfillment, dissatisfaction, lack of positive results, lack of success, etc, with whatever we do. So, in this session, we address how to align what we are doing with our Soul's Blueprint in order to achieve the best results from our effort!

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy

    Once you have placed an order for a session, your funds will be held for24 hours. In that time, I will verify that I am able to access your Akashic Records in order to complete your reading/ healing session at this time on your behalf. As long as your Higher Self allows me to proceed, your funds will be held for the remainder of the 24 hours in case you decide you do not want the reading.  After the 24 hour period, I will begin preparing your session and the recording for you. No full or partial refunds will be given after the initial 24 hour period, since I will begin preparations for your session after that time.

    If for some reason I am not able to access your Akashic Records in order to proceed with the reading, or your Higher Self requests a delay in the healing session due to other ongoing Soul Situations, you will be given a full refund.

  • About Your Session

    This is a recorded video/audio psychic reading and energy healing therapy session that you will be able to download to your own computer/mobile device and be able watch or listen to at your convenience. Depending on the type of session, and what arises to be addressed for you individually, recordings are generally 1 to 3 hours in length. 

    I will be available for questions and feedback before and after your recorded session is delivered to you. Most sessions are delivered 7 to 14 days from the time the request is placed. If there is currently a high demand that has slowed delivery time, you will receive an email notification of the delay. 



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