Ghost in Haunted House, Mysterious Woman



HOME/ APARTMENT - Whether you own a property or are renting, if you are in energetic ownership of a space, it is always a good idea to periodically cleanse the space, in order to ensure that there are no unwanted negative energies present, as energy can become built up in stagnant corners, collected within clutter and broken objects, specific items within the home, or directed at or placed within our property purposely. So, just as we might do a good Spring Cleaning to sweep away all the dust bunnies from under the couch and deep clean the house, it is also a good idea to maintain high vibrational energy within the home so that it remains a sacred space of retreat for you and your family. Because, whenever there are negative energies or entities hanging around our environment, it can be highly disruptive in many ways; and down the road, can possibly become a harmful situation.

NEW HOME/ APARTMENT - If you have only recently purchased or rented a particular space, and the space is not energetically aligned to you yet, but still holds remnants of the energetic presence of its previous occupants, this is a particularly opportune time for you to cleanse the energy of your home or business -although it is recommended that both the resident and property receive energy cleansing around the same time, so that one does not feel out of alignment with the other. Rather, they become equalized.


ENTITIES/ MAGIC/ PORTALS - If you are already aware of a "haunting", or are sensitive to negative energies, suspect portals or unwanted entities due to a sense of unease or unnatural cold in a certain part of the house, or perhaps objects that go missing or become inexplicably moved, this kind of reading will also benefit you, and offer additional protection over the property. Likewise, if you are aware of any form of magick or rituals having been practiced within the space, or psychic attack being projected at the property, it is also a good idea to have a thorough cleansing done, as even inadvertently, there can be energetic portals left open for entities to enter through, or other negative energetic attachments created through objects within the home. 

BUSINESS - If it is a place of business that you are concerned about, negative energies may be experienced as difficulty growing your business or customers seeming to stray away, regardless of what efforts are being made to create success. Maybe you had been seeing success, and then suddenly "something" changed, but you can't quite pinpoint it. If the reason has anything to do with negative energies or energetic misalignment with the business property, then we will discover it here.


Property Energy Cleansing & Protection

This is a particularly good reading for anyone who has recently purchased a new home or business location, or newly renting a space. This reading will clear any negative energies in or on a property, as well as place additional Divine protection over the property. This includes the closing of portals/ gateways to negative astral planes and banishment of negative entities, ghosts, poltergeists, etc. If the property has been spiritually assigned as a graveyard or battleground and needs to be reassigned so that people can peacefully live or build a business on it, this will also be completed in the reading. If the property is a place of business, and there are negative energies coming from your competition, this reading will also address those concerns.