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Soul-Level Self-Discovery,

Akashic Soul Healing & Realignment

You may be undergoing major life transitions and changes, divorce, career change, negative dynamics in relationships, 

Gain an in depth understanding of who you are at the soul level by exploring your Akashic Record and original blueprint. Get to know your soul group, spiritual gifts, and how the soul wants to bring those out through its own specializations and unique experience. You will also learn about the life purpose and themes that your soul chose as part of its experience in this life, and how those are being expressed currently in your reality.

This reading will also take a look at any soul-level obstacles within your personal Akashic Record that make it difficult to tap into spiritual gifts and personal power of manifestation and co-creation, which can lead to feeling as though life is unfulfilled, stagnant, frustrating, blocked or empty in some way. By clearing these energetic barriers and better understanding the choices and experiences that brought them about, we are able to allow ourselves greater access to our true Divine power in order to participate in creating our own joy and fulfillment. 

This session will also involve a significant depth of healing work through your Soul's personal Akashic Record, that will act as a catalyst to create amazing positive changes within your life. We will address and clear any Soul level issues presenting themselves for healing at this time, including any negative entity attachments, spells, curses, vows, soul contracts, hooks, cords of attachment, negative unjustified karma, programming, etc that are creating obstacles and thus no longer serving a positive purpose toward the Soul's experience. We will explore the past lifetime experiences or present life situations which brought them about, and then call on Divine assistance to realign the Soul with its highest available path and purpose at this time. 

To close this session, we will discuss potential ways in which you will be able to actively participate in changing any negative patterns of energy that had been present, going forward. This is in order to more consciously play a role in the positive shifts, and take action with renewed intent toward your desires. 


Whether you are simply curious about the nature of your own Soul, seeking purpose and new direction for your life, or would like to re-imagine what the future may look like for you, a session focused on self-discovery will help bring clarity to your vision. 

This session is the foundation of all of the other work that I do through other types of readings. There is a huge amount of Soul-related information that pertains to you in your life experience, and typically a good chunk of Soul level healing that can be done in order to make sure that your Soul's Divine nature is not being blocked or restricted, so that you are able to access your Divine gifts freely. Where there are blocks or restrictions, we often begin to feel dis-empowered, lost, and unable to accomplish what we truly desire for our life. 


Of course, there are times that we all feel dis-empowered, confused about our direction in life, or disconnected from any passion and purpose; maybe even to the extent that we're not sure whether or not life has meaning anymore? But you know what? As confusing and frustrating as that is, it's OK to be at that place in life. Being in that place gives us the opportunity to re-imagine an entire world of possibilities for our future. Most of us don't want to feel that way forever, though. And it can definitely feel like a struggle just to get back on our feet. 

Be assured, the perfect Divine version of you is always available to you. It may take some stair-stepping to reach that pinnacle, but healing, happiness and wholeness is always available. Likewise, there is always a way to make sense of all our life's experiences, a way to heal, and a way to reinvent ourselves. We can always dig a little deeper in order to find the truth of who we are, and learn to become empowered. We can take control of our experiences in life, heal negative situations, and re-gain a sense of fulfillment by living the authentic expression of our Divine self. It is through this session, by exploring your original Divine self, that you can begin to live as that greatest version of you.

All Physical dis-ease and symptoms arise as the Soul's last-resort wake-up call that there's something out of alignment in our lives that needs to be changed. There is something that simply doesn't resonate well with us at the Soul level, which has been left unchecked for so long, that the Soul is manifesting this dis-ease at a physical level. Clinical studies now show that 80% of all symptoms and disease starts out as "stress" -which is just a slightly less urgent version of our Soul's red-alert!



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