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Many people are at least a little bit familiar with the term "Spirit Guides", and there is a general belief that these are perhaps family members who come to watch over us, assisting us through life. While it's true that we are never truly alone, since we do have other spiritual Beings present with us throughout life, there is a lot of misconception or lack of information about the function of Spirit Guides, how many we have, how they express themselves to us, and who they really are.  The goal of  Spirit Guide sessions offered here, is to shed some light on the topic of Spirit Guides, and to allow you to get to know your Guides on a more personal level. Guides are always a diverse, eclectic bunch, and often we can see their mannerisms in our own little quirks and habits! While we are finding out more about them or channeling their messages, we will also hone in on their role in your life. Guides themselves are often very excited and enthusiastic about this process, as they are recognized by us consciously in this 3rd and 4th dimension; whereas normally, they are acknowledged primarily by only our Higher Self -our Super-Consciousness of the 5th dimension. I think for them, it can be equally as fun!


Get To Know Your Personal Team of

Spirit Guides

Get to know your personal team of spirit guides -the souls who assist us in this life, while we are in a physical body. These souls help us manifest our desires by providing guidance through intuitive promptings, carrying our prayers and intentions, and communicating with angels for us when necessary, etc. Basically, they help us manage our experiences through life, while we are incarnated.

The focus of this reading then, is to find out how many guides you have, get to know your own team personally by tapping into their appearance and personality, what Soul Group they are from, find out how they are trying to communicate to you on a daily basis, what age the guide was hired by you, and better understand where they are able to offer assistance in life by playing a specific role in your experience based on their own personal gifts. If there is a specific personal message from any of them, this may also be channeled.

Periodically, there may be a negative guide present, who is upholding a continued personal challenge in our lives. If this is the case, we will also discover what the challenge has been, and then clear the negative energetic blockage around it, as well as reassign the spirit guide so that the Soul can hire a new guide who will be positive toward your experience.

Spirit Guide Channeling & Coaching

Receive personalized guidance in order to achieve your goals, directly from your own team of spirit guides. Since spirit guides are hired by your higher self  in order to assist you on your journey in this life, they have a vested interest in you personally. Thus, spirit guides are the best source of guidance we can seek. They are always acting on our intentions and desires, helping to fulfill those things. They carry our prayers, call on angels for us, defend us, guide us, comfort us, have fun with us, and do work in the astral realms on our behalf. The channeled messages in this reading will come directly from your guides to assist you in taking more informed action toward your goals, offering advice that is tailored specifically for you.


Each session seeks to progressively bring you closer to your intended goal as you work on completing the step-by-step tasks that you decide on, between each session. Prior to each session, you will receive a questionnaire to track your progress toward your goal, share your experience, difficulties, victories, and set intentions for the following meeting. During the meeting then, we will take new guidance from your guides to further your progress.

This package reading will include twelve 15-30 minute sessions, scheduled every 1 or 2 weeks at a date/ time of your choosing, over a period of 3 or 6 months.  These sessions are designed to assist you in reaching your goals by focused intention-setting, and then bringing to light the higher knowledge, experience and insights of your own personal spirit guides. If you have not yet received an initial Spirit Guide Reading prior to this session, it will be included in the first session, and the reading will take about 40 minutes.


It is important to note that whether or not you accomplish your goals is up to you. And how you achieve your desires is up to you. Your spirit guides can only offer guidance; they cannot do the work for you or make any decision for you on how to manifest what you want in your own life. So, it is important that you remain proactive and dedicated to the intended goal, in order to see best results from these sessions. It is perfectly alright if you run into a delay due to extenuating circumstances, or decide on different action, as we can always pick up where we left off and do some course correcting. 


(NOTE: The Spirit Guide Coaching package requires a Beginning Soul Discovery/ Energy Clearing & Realignment prior to the session, as it is essential to have any other current energetic blockages removed, and your soul aligned toward it's highest possible path and purpose before going forward. It will also be important to have re-assigned any negative guides that you have had, so that your soul is able to hire another guide that will aid in creating the most positive and abundant experience for your life.)