Spiritual Development Guidance, In-Depth Soul-Self-Discovery

& Akashic Soul Healing

Gain an in depth understanding of yourself at a soul level by exploring your Soul's Akashic Record and original Blueprint. Get to know your spirit guides, soul group, spiritual gifts, and how the soul wants to bring those out through its own specializations and unique experience. You will also learn about the life purpose and themes that your soul chose as part of its experience in this life, and how those are being expressed currently in your reality.

This session will take into account the religious and spiritual beliefs and practices you have chosen to incorporate into your life currently (or in the past), in order to evaluate how they are affecting Your Soul in either positive or negative ways. We will explore any Mystery Schools (spiritual or religious teachings throughout the world) that may enhance your Soul's experience in this life, so that you may decide to pursue those interests on your own, and perhaps expand on your own spiritual system of beliefs and practices. For many Souls, there are several spiritual or religious teachings that contribute positively toward the Soul's learning and development. 

Of course, in this spiritual-related session, we will address any particular concerns related to this topic. There is a lot of fear about stepping outside of familiar religious norms, especially when there is not a lot of clarity out there as to what is SAFE to practice. My #1 goal in doing these Spiritual Guidance sessions, is to assist in shedding light on things of this nature, so that everyone can practice their own spiritual beliefs in a safe way, without fear, knowing that they are on the most elevated path. So, we will definitely discuss any spiritual related questions that you have, as much as time allows during the session. Please also visit and subscribe to my spiritual blog, as I will be posting a wide variety of written and video content in order to help inform on this subject more.

This reading will also take a look at any soul-level obstacles within your personal Akashic Record that make it difficult to tap into spiritual gifts and personal power of manifestation and co-creation, which can lead to feeling as though life is unfulfilled, stagnant, frustrating, blocked or empty in some way. By clearing these energetic barriers and better understanding the choices and experiences that brought them about, we are able to allow ourselves greater access to our true Divine power in order to participate in creating our own joy and fulfillment. 

This session will also involve a significant depth of healing work through your Soul's personal Akashic Record, that will act as a catalyst to create amazing positive changes within your life. We will address and clear any Soul level issues presenting themselves for healing at this time, including any negative entity attachments, spells, curses, vows, soul contracts, hooks, cords of attachment, negative unjustified karma, programming, etc that are creating obstacles and thus no longer serving a positive purpose toward the Soul's experience. We will explore the past lifetime experiences or present life situations which brought them about, and then call on Divine assistance to realign the Soul with its highest available path and purpose at this time. 

To close this session, we will discuss potential ways in which you will be able to actively participate in changing any negative patterns of energy that had been present, going forward. This is in order to more consciously play a role in the positive shifts, and take action with renewed intent toward your desires. 

Keep in mind that as you progress in raising your Soul's level of awareness and consciousness, as you live more into your Soul's truest expression, you may find your experience shifts as you are growing. As this happens, new obstacles will present themselves as negative lower vibrational substance is being purged from your being, and as new opportunities come into your life that align with the new, higher vibration of You! This is normal, and to be expected, though their frequency and intensity depends on each person individually. Raising the Soul's vibration can happen very quickly or over quite a long time, depending on each person's approach to their spiritual growth, and how they integrate these things into their lives.

This session is also inclusive of the balancing of Chakra energies, and will at least temporarily enhance your psychic and spiritual protection. Of course, if you enjoyed your session and found it helpful, you are invited to schedule follow up readings to reassess your personal progress, or participate in Reiki or Chakra tune-ups, as a part of a positive holistic health maintenance routine.

(If you would like for your reading to focus on any specific intentions or interests, or if you have any questions or concerns coming into the reading, please email me to let me know beforehand, so that I can assist you in the best way possible, and if necessary, pull additional insights from your Akashic Record.)

(NOTE: This can be an especially intensive reading due to the amount of information and insight brought to light during this session. Please allow about 2 hours for this reading. If you need to keep the reading shorter, please let me know, and I will condense the information for you. Likewise, let me know if you are interested in more information on a particular topic addressed in your reading.)

Condensed Akashic Soul Healing & Realignment Session

This is a condensed version of the Self Discovery & Akashic Soul Healing session. It is meant to be a more economic version, in order to make the Soul healing side of this particular Soul work available to everyone, while still providing the type of critical information that will be able to effectively assist you on your path of Soul development and healing. This reading will briefly cover the basic aspects of the full Soul reading for Healing purposes, in order to create a huge jump start in your personal transformation, acting as a catalyst to create amazing positive shifts in your life. 

For those interested in more complete and in depth information about your Soul, and extended guidance on how to more actively live your highest path and purpose, please consider a full Self-Discovery & Akashic Soul Healing reading.



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