Image by Chris Ensey


My Promise

As a provider of alternative energy healing and Soul healing, I uphold that each individual client is a Divine Being, fully empowered through free will to create their own human experience. I promise to act with respect, integrity and honesty when dealing with clients, only offering readings that match the need of the clients. I do not support client dependency on services provided, but have an understanding that each service may serve as a powerfully transformitive, enlightening and effective tool in assisting individuals on their  personal path. Though many readings may offer a form of guidance, all clients are encouraged to seek the greater awareness of their own perfect higher wisdom, which comes from the Higher Self, in order to make decisions and choices based on their own internal guidance.  No intended misinformation shall be given to clients at any point in time, nor unreasonable promises regarding services provided. The privacy, confidentiality and anonymity of all clients shall be respected at all times, in order to protect client identity and interests.