Below are some examples of reasons why you may decide to book a session.  Sessions are geared toward the individual's need, and also guided by the Higher Self through your Akashic Record. The highly specialized and unique, powerfully effective methods that I use are adapted from Soul Realignment®, and are not found in traditional healthcare, counseling, or coaching. This is a non invasive method of healing to assist your body, mind, and spirit in returning to the desired optimal state of health and well-being. A session with me may be a good short-term alternative to traditional counseling, coaching or healing therapies, as there is a significant depth of insight, guidance and healing that clients will receive in a very short amount of time. A session with me may also be used in complementary fashion with traditional counseling, coaching, and health related services. After a session, it is not recommended that clients completely stop the use of any currently in use medications, therapies, etc, unless your current physician has reevaluated your condition and deemed it safe. Please use your own best judgement in all cases, regarding your health and well-being.

It is important to recognize that of all the disorders that people regularly see doctors for, 80% of those are stress/ energy related. This includes back aches, headaches, high blood pressure, disease, etc.  These are all negative things that begin within the higher dimensional energetic bodies of a person, and culminate into feelings and thoughts of stress, anxiety, etc.  


When we are unable to get enough sleep, work too hard, exercise too hard, over-pack our schedules, keep ourselves in situations that are negative, and don't leave time for the body, mind and spirit to recuperate, then it is nature for some kind of breakdown to occur. By the time these stressors have graduated into physical ailment, disease and discomfort, that is when the burden on the higher dimensions of our Self have become so great that those Soul-Level wounds begin to filter into the lower, 3rd dimensional aspect of ourself -which is our physical body. It is the Soul's last resort -a distress call- to let us know that something is very wrong, and we have not yet made a change to our circumstances in order to remedy it.

  • Engaged or Married, and would like to find out more about core relationship dynamics in your partnership, and what each person needs at the Soul level to make the relationship fulfilling.

  • Divorced, and seeking healing, understanding, new direction and purpose in life moving forward

  • Difficult relationship with a child or family member

  • Single and desiring more positive and loving relationships

  • Physical health issues or concerns

  • Experiencing Anxiety, Fear, Panic, Depression, etc extreme or uncontrollable emotions

  • Have fears, and would like to know if they will come true in the future

  • Mental or Behavioural health concerns

  • Chronic symptoms of any kind

  • Not creating desired results in pursuing your goals, and are seeking guidance or coaching to achieve them

  • Feeling as though life has no meaning or purpose for you

  • Would like to understand your Soul purpose/ Life purpose and your Divine self more

  • Unsure what goals to pursue in life

  • Would like to pursue a safe and meaningful spiritual practice

  • Feeling psychically or spiritually unsafe

  • Own or rent a property or home that you suspect may need energy cleansed, entities removed or energetic portals/ gateways closed

  • Believe you may need the removal of negative soul contracts, entity attachments, spells, curses, cords, etc.

  • Would like to live the best, happiest, most fulfilling life possible by knowing more about yourself at the Soul level, so that you can live life as the greatest version of yourself.



Most sessions are done via recorded phone conference or Skype, so that clients around the world or locally, may have the option of scheduling a session with me. Luckily, accessing the 5th Dimensional energetic Akashic Records of your Soul, or the 4th Dimensional Collective Consciousness, for your session does not require us to meet in person. This allows a lot of flexibility for scheduling purposes! :)




The important thing to remember is that healing is always available to anyone who truly desires it. But to answer this questions, no, you do not need to practice any specific religion, be of a particular religious background, or have a specific spiritual belief system. You don't even have to be a so-called 'spiritual' person. Healing comes only from the Divine Creator, though it is channeled and the process facilitated by any number of healers and healing modalities. True Soul level experience and healing transcends all religion, school of teaching, etc. The Soul's expression and healing bypasses all of that, and starts right down in the core of who we are as a Divine Being. We can all access our Divine Nature to bring healing and a feeling of wholeness into our lives.


Readings are priced based on time-consumption, the energy invested by me, and the amount of information that you will be able to obtain from the reading. Higher priced readings require sometimes hours of intuitive psychic pre-work, in order to derive the most and most helpful information possible from your Akashic record before the presentation of the reading, during your appointment. In essence, the most in-depth and informative of the readings may take an average of 6-12 hours to complete and deliver. My focus is to deliver to you an extensive, high-quality healing and personal development session that you won't receive anywhere else. 


You may get a psychic reading for yourself, a live-in partner, spouse, fiance, child whom you have custody over, and parents. If you are interested in a Relationship Reading, this can extend to close friends and business partners, other family members, fiance, or anyone with whom you have invested real Love into the relationship. For anyone else, you must have express permission from them in order to obtain a psychic reading. 


It is important to keep in mind that even if a person consents to obtaining a reading, or they are your dependent, etc, their Soul may be working through Karma or other soul situations at this time, and therefore decline to be involved in the clearing work. And in that case, you may want to wait a couple of months and then we can try to access the records again.


Why would the Soul decline healing /clearing work, you ask?  Well, for those who are very interested in receiving readings, the Soul is usually open to clearing and progression work. On the other hand, sometimes the Soul needs to work through Soul things on its own, without any outside interference. It is also possible that even with good intentions, doing too much clearing or healing work at once can actually put us into a state of crisis, and the Soul is asking us to slow down for a moment so that it can make an important transition. If we trigger too much change simultaneously at the Soul level (or at the Physical level), it can become a chaotic mess -which is why the Soul prefers typically gradual transitions through its experiences. For this reason, it is natural for us to want to ease into things, make course corrections as we go, and carve the best possible path forward, without all the messy chaos. So, it is very important to honor this process; and it is important to recognize that the soul has a right to choose its own experience. We are here for that reason -to experience our own individual divinity by exercising our own free-will. In either case, the Soul knows what is best for itself in its own individual experience.


"Healing Crisis" is essentially doing too much too fast, so the Soul doesn't cope well with the rapid changes in its energetic state of Being. Of course, if we think about crisis in the physical realm, we think train wrecks, sudden death, abuse, and other types of traumatic experience or injury that are never pleasant. And since know what happens in crisis situations in the physical world, we certainly don't want to recreate those same types of experiences at the Soul level; and let's admit.. if you happen to be coming here already feeling like a train wreck, I certainly don't want to make you feel like even more of one! I have felt that way before, and it's certainly not ideal!

That said, healing and transformation CAN happen WITHOUT crisis. No healer should put you into a state of crisis, because crisis is not a positive experience for the Soul. All healing should take place in a manner that maintains your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual comfort and stability; even if it feels a little strange or scary stepping into that newly healed space. The feeling will usually feel at least a little different, and the shift into the healed state will take some adjusting to,.. and depending on how much your Soul is willing to accomplish all at once, you may find yourself doing things outside of your normal comfort zone, but it should not feel traumatic.

If you ever feel as though you are unsafe or as though something is not right while attending any type of energy healing session with any energy worker, please say something. You should always be the one in charge of your progress, and what is being done to your energy bodies. If you have any questions, the person should be able to answer you clearly, in order to address your concerns. If the energy worker you are working with does not seem to know what they are doing, please use your own discernment and treat it as though they were a doctor treating your physical body. If you believe that something is not right about your healing session, you always have the right to stop the treatment and discontinue the session. Energy healing is not a regulated field in healthcare, but should be taken just as seriously as any other aspect of your total health. 

If you have ever been in any energy working session that seemed botched, share your concern with me in an email and I would love to work with you in order to ensure the health and safety of your energy bodies and Soul.

In order to achieve the greatest ease of transition from one state of Being to the next, the healing and guidance offered here is directed by the highest wisdom of yourself at the Soul level, so that all healing and guidance takes place at the pace that your Soul desires for itself in its own experience. Nothing in the sessions offered here is ever forced or traumatic. We will follow very specific protocol that allow us to ease into a healing process that avoids "healing crisis".


It is my role to be the professional reader of energies. The information that I am able to channel for you from your Akashic Record, Soul Blueprint, or Spirit Guides, is all guided by the clarity and intensity of your own intentions for the session, and what the Soul is OK with in its experience. I am only translating energies found at higher dimensional levels, from the super-conscious, subconscious and unconscious, into the conscious awareness, into the limited parameters of our own personal concepts of reality and human language. Sometimes it is difficult to translate something of a higher dimension that is not normally defined by conscious human perception into words; which is why we need to have clear intentions going into sessions as to what we hope to find out, and also why I must be mindful of creating the format of context through which that information flows to us. Once the information is received, it is up to you as the client to decide what to do with that information. You will know best how to apply it to your life in order to create the experience for yourself that you desire. 

It is also my role to utilize appropriate prayers, and call on appropriate spiritual teams and hierarchies of other-dimensional Beings who are here to assist us. I will facilitate the necessary energetic shifts and healing process that needs to take place in order to allow you to become the highest version of yourself that is available at this time. Step by step, you will be able to create the healthy, fulfilling and purposeful life that you desire. In our sessions, I will also be able to provide intuitive guidance and coaching to help you along the way.



It is important to understand that the soul will only reveal to us what it is ready to bring into the conscious awareness at the present time, and the information we are striving for is going to be constructive and applicable for you at this time, in order to improve your experience in life. There are many things that the soul and the higher self are aware of, which our mental, emotional and physical bodies are not yet prepared to take on. Thus, depending on your current circumstances, more than one session may be necessary to gradually address all of the Soul level situations going on for you. Similar to physical therapy, some things take time and dedication to heal through. So the information that comes through in any session, whether it be a psychic reading, tarot reading, etc, will only be what the soul is ready to work on improving in its experience right now. Once this has been overcome, the soul may choose to bring something else to light and work on another aspect of its experience. This gradual approach to healing and personal development also allows these sometimes major life transitions to be as gentle as possible.

Many sessions will very likely involve some degree of energetic healing work, which is done primarily through your Soul's Akashic Record or making corrections to your Soul's Blueprint. (The Blueprint dictates how the Soul operates on each of the dimensional levels, and just like a computer program, can be altered through energetic code corruptions, deletions, etc.) This energy work targets the root of negative issues that you are experiencing in some area of your life, and brings healing to it. Any healing work done through your Soul's Akashic Record or Soul Blueprint will have an immediate impact on your life, the way you feel, the power you have over the decisions you make, etc. Additional shifts in your life and your state of being will continue through the next few weeks after your session, until your life and circumstances then fully align to your new energetic state of Being, reflecting the internal improvements that you have made. 

It is important to keep in mind that as the Soul adjusts to a new energetic equilibrium after any clearing session, moving into the highest possible path and purpose available at that time, it is possible for new blocks or restrictions to present themselves, as certain things may no longer serve your highest good like they once did. This may initiate a process of proverbial house-cleaning in order to realign any unhealthy aspects of life that you need to move on from or replace. This process is generally a gradual and gentle transition, and is not a bad thing, as it leaves room for personal growth and the creation of new manifestations and new patterns in your life that will serve you better than what came before it. After those few weeks of initial healing, you may want to participate in follow up sessions to address additional concerns that come into focus, to do some fine-tuning; or if your healing session has made it possible for you to focus on some goals that you would like to pursue for yourself, I'd love to participate in some ongoing coaching with you, to get you to the finish line.  You may schedule a follow up session as soon as you feel necessary, depending on how quickly you want to see further results in your own life.

If you received any reading that involves energetic, Akashic or Blueprint healing, make sure that you participate in the follow up "assignment" given to you, if appropriate, so that you are able to progress toward manifesting the results that you desire. And if you have any follow-up questions about your reading, you may feel free to contact me.


Your own intuition is certainly a number one [underestimated] resource that anyone can tap into, in order to gain that sense of "knowing" about anything. With practice paying attention to it, intuition becomes a very powerful tool.  Those with heightened awareness about these things, like psychics, tap into many sources of information, such as Akashic Records, the Higher Self, 4th dimensional chakras, mental or emotional bodies, the collective consciousness, channeled entities, etc. Of course, not all sources are positive, or giving us information that is constructive toward improving our current life circumstances. Information may be coming from a source that is purposely misleading and harmful, such as with earth bound spirits, demons/ fallen angels, etc. That is why a definite level of discernment and caution must be used when using any psychic abilities, channeling, using tools of divination, opening portals, etc. Always sanctify your space, program your divining tools to receive information only from your Higher Self, personal team of guides, and the Highest Source -the Divine Creator. Set clear intentions as to who or what has permission to come through to you  or be present in your space. 

For all psychic readings offered on this site, the source of information is either coming directly from your spirit guides (for the Spirit Guide sessions), or it is coming directly from your Book of Life/ Akashic Record, or your Soul's Blueprint. The Akashic Record/ Book of Life is the 5th dimensional account of your Soul's entire existence, cumulative experiences, etc, since you were conceived by the Divine Creator. This record is purely energetic, exists also within you, and is protected by your own spiritual vibrational code. Basically, it's encrypted so that only your Soul can access it -or others may access it for you on your behalf, so long as you have given express permission.  In that way, others cannot (or should not be able to) tamper with it. And if there is infringement on that privacy of your Soul, there are certainly karmic repercussions. 


We may also access the 7th dimensional Blueprint of the Soul, which is a diagram of how your Soul chooses to express itself in the lower dimensions, allowing individualized creative self expression. In other words, the Blueprint determines the way in which the Soul functions within each dimensional aspect of itself; and in turn, each dimension plays its own role in our existence and evolution through our experiences in life.

The 7th dimensional aspect of the Soul Blueprint is also the first dimension through which the Soul becomes individuated from the Divine Creator. It always remains in-tact so that no matter what else happens, we have a way of regaining the original Divine expression of the Soul, even if we choose not to express our Divine nature for a while. Our Divine self expression is always still available to us!!!!

Toward different purposes, we may access and correct any distortions to the Soul blueprint  at lower dimensional levels, that have been made throughout our lives. Corrections to the Soul Blueprints are only done after any primary energy clearing has been done from the Akashic Record, which can clear the way for this kind of fine-tuning. We may also access the original Soul Blueprint in order to glimpse into how the soul manifests its abundance in this life.. and by following that Blueprint, we can live life in a way that feels more fulfilled and creates more abundance naturally to us.

In the case of Reiki, or some future and business reading sessions, intuitive insights come from the 4th dimension. Basic information about the condition of your physical, mental, emotional bodies, your chakras, aura, collective consciousness, business entities, etc, can usually be derived from tapping into this energy field, which is considered "public knowledge".  This is the same level of information from which we receive intuitive promptings. It is the same field we are scanning when we get a negative feeling about a person when they walk into a room, etc.


  • Your psychic reading is not traditional Fortune Telling

Sessions offered on this site are more akin to counseling and coaching sessions, which offer a wealth of insight toward personal empowerment, and guidance toward actively living a better, more fulfilled life. Clients will receive information from their own Akashic Record (Book of Life) that is constructive to their life as it is currently, in order to better understand themselves, heal negative situations, take action toward living their personal dreams, and become the best version of themselves. These sessions also offer powerful, highly effective Soul energy realigning, and strategic forms of energy healing that are not available through most alternative energy healing services found elsewhere.

  • Unfortunately, nothing is a one-time fix-all band-aid

Many sessions are designed to tackle the causes of real life circumstances and situations that are not in alignment with the Soul's highest good. However, since it has taken us perhaps decades or even lifetimes for the body and soul to get to where it is now, it is only logical that we can address many major dilemmas within the first session, but not everything all at once -nor do we want to take on too much at once. When facing huge transformations, we want to see a gradual process of realignment, as we begin living into our Soul's original perfection. For this reason, follow up sessions are suggested every two to four months, even if you are not interested in ongoing guidance or coaching on a weekly /bi-weekly basis. Life is ever changing and WE are ever changing, so there is ample opportunity to work on many aspects of ourselves internally, and many aspects of our lives externally.


  • Your session is not designed to tell you what you want to hear or to enforce false perceptions

Instead, Sessions are structured around the true condition of the Soul in order to deliver the most accurate and useful insight, so that we can heal and realign our lives and our state of Being with the Soul's highest expression of itself. It is true that many people are not very familiar with their true Divine nature, and who they are at the Soul level. And since that is the case, sometimes the healing and realignment process can feel very strange and 'unnatural' at times, because we are so accustomed to not being ourselves, or not being in a good state of health, we have forgotten what it is like to be that greatest version of ourselves. So, though it may feel awkward at first, after adjusting to living in our authenticity, it will feel most natural, comfortable, happy and pure, once you get there.  We never want to enforce false perceptions, lies, inauthenticity, etc. These things cut us off from God and the Divine Life Force that should be abundantly flowing through us. They lead to our unhappiness and ruin in the end.

  • Your session will not promote dis-empowerment and dependence by telling you

what to do or feeding you false hopes

Every session is geared toward empowering the client toward creating self-love, total wellness, and independent choice as a powerful Divine Being. By gaining an understanding of who we are at the Soul level, the client can choose to further align their actions and direction in life with their own personal truth, thus fulfilling the Soul; but there are many ways we may choose to do that, and that is completely within the client's power to decide on and act upon. The most profound healing and personal growth to be experienced in any session, is dependent on the client's willingness to accept positive change and healing into their life, and then allow themselves to move forward with it.



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